Saturday, March 9, 2013

Marcon 2013 schedule

I've gotten my schedule for Marcon this year. Like last year, it will once again be on Easter weekend, March 29-31 this year. According to the programming committee, they'll be switching back to Memorial Day weekend next year. Frankly, I'm conflicted. The con had better attendance when it was on Memorial Day, but then, last year was the first year they put it on the new weekend. Also, because I don't have Marcon this Memorial Day weekend, I'm able to attend Scorched Nuts, which I'm really psyched about. They do it that weekend annually, so next year I'll have to make a tough choice.

Anyway, on to the schedule:

SAT 02:30pm Union C: Literary--Good Gods and Goddesses!
SAT 05:30pm Knox: Education--There, Their, They're: The Lost Art of Spelling and Punctuation.
SUN 01:00pm Union C: Literary--Genre Mishmash

I'm also scheduled for a reading and autograph session, but the time for those hasn't been confirmed yet. Also this year, I'll be debuting a special surprise!

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