Thursday, June 5, 2014

Nanowrimo goes to camp

For the first time this year I'll be trying Camp Nanowrimo. I've posted a few times on here about Nanowrimo, which I've given a whirl. So I'm interested to try the more flexible version.From what I gather, they're trying to bring a summer-camp feel to the project, which is also new for me. I never got the chance to go to summer camp, unless you count Bible day camp, which I don't.

When I've done Nano in the past, not once did I near the 50,000 word goal during the month (I did finish one of my novels after November, though). And while I did probably get more of a word-count boost than I would have without the goad, I couldn't help but feel a little dispirited by never "winning" The nice thing about Camp Nanowrimo, which occurs twice a year in April and July, is that it brings the same sense of community and inspiration as traditional Nano, and also lets you set your own goals and make your own rules.

So, I won't be "cheating" by adding words to my existing novel project, though that's a no-no in November. (Of course the rules aren't enforceable, but it's frowned upon. Goes against the camaraderie aspect.) Also, I can set a more reasonable word-count goal that I might actually reach--exciting! You also have the option to choose "cabin mates". These can be all strangers with similar writing goals to you, or a combination of your friends and strangers. I like the small-group concept as well.

If you're interested in joining, I'll be participating as richuncleskeleton. Let me know if you want to be camp mates!