Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Blog post and NEWS!

Two bits of news today.

First: The lovely Laura Bickle is hosting me today over at her blog, Salamander's Tales. Please stop by and share your thoughts on the relationship between reading and writing.

Second: As some of you know, my YA fantasy novel Slideways is *now available for sale*. You can purchase the print book at Amazon, B&N, and my publisher's website. You can also purchase the ebook via Smashwords.

Billy Mays Mode: In addition, I have a limited number of copies that you can purchase directly from me! I'll autograph a copy for you, your dog, Ebay, whoever you want. All for the low, low cost of $10 (plus $2 S&H). For details, shoot me an email (listed in my profile) or comment here. Note: supplies are limited, so act fast.

/Billy Mays

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Cover Love!

I can finally share the preliminary cover art for Slideways! Here we go:
I love this cover! It illustrates one of my favorite scenes from the book, when Reva first connects with Darlene and discovers the truth about slideways travel. I am totally excited!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Million Short

What a cool idea for a search engine! When you type a search into Million Short, it cuts out the top million most popular sites on the web when pulling results. That way you can see what exists for your topic beyond Wikipedia. The creators describe it as more of a "discovery engine" than a search engine. One of my co-workers said it reminds them of what it was like to search the web around 1999 or so.

You can also adjust the filter so you're only cutting out the top 100,000, with levels down to cutting the top 100. Great time waster if nothing else. Anyone find anything good?