Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Nano Slutting

I have a confession: I'm a writing slut. I try to devote myself to one project, but it just doesn't work. A shiny new idea comes into view, and I chase it down and tackle it like a satyr at a frat party.

Case in point: I've been editing my second novel, a process that's taken far, far too long. I started strong; fresh from a whirlwind first draft, I was going to settle down and make an honest manuscript of him. But then one day stretched into the next monotonous day. He was unwieldy and boring. I began to lose my passion, fearing we were heading for a separation.

Then a new player appeared on the scene: Nanowrimo. I thought to myself, I shouldn't succumb to temptation. Sure, he's sleek and exciting. But I'm devoted to my novel who, while boring right now, has the chance to blossom.

Just an off-word, I told myself. I won't really cheat; just a blurb here, a plot twist there. I can keep my distance. Of course I gave in. Now Nano and I are sloppy kissing, ready to go to the next level on November first.

But then, a funny thing happened with Novel. Instead of turning from him, I found my passion renewed. New phrases for the next chapter nearly rewrote themselves. I began polishing page after page, empowered by a flame I haven't felt in months. Before I took the plunge with Nano, I felt guilty; dirty. But now, we're all the better for it.

If you desire fresh literary lust in your life, check out Nanowrimo now. You too can join the worldwide frenzy and write a novel in a month. And you may find that it rekindles the flagging embers of an old project as well.

Also, Nanowrimo runs numerous programs for young and budding offers. Even if you're not participating, consider contributing some cash.