Saturday, January 21, 2012

My response to a literary fiction writer

I just finished reading Andrea Grassi's post on literary writers and selling out over at Little Red Umbrella. Grassi makes the well-worn point that if literary writers want to attract more readers they should focus more on storytelling and not run away from genres. Of course, I agree with her on this.

She also points out how literary minded authors have more access to grants and seem to rely on them to finish their work. Oh, to be a writer who could rely on a grant...but I digress. Anyway, I posted a comment with my thoughts over there if anyone cares to read it.


Justine Graykin said...

I did. I'll probably regret it, as I usually do when I lose my temper and spout off. But frustration got the better of me.

What is it about becoming successful that suddenly makes one oblivious to what is going on beneath the glass ceiling?

Faith Van Horne said...

Justine, your comments looked fine and tempered to me. You didn't use the caps lock key once!