Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I'm deep in the grips of inboxitis. That's where I obsessively check my inbox several times a day, holding my breath, waiting to see if I've gotten a response on a submission yet. I never do. Then I experience "the wave", the second-long period of unfulfilled anticipation, mixed with relief that I haven't been rejected yet.

I think I've got it because I'm in a funky transitional phase right now. I have two projects circulating that I haven't heard back on, no upcoming publications, and am in a sketchy place on my new project. I'm antsy. So I hold my breath, check my inbox, and wait.

Anyone else get this?


returnofthegirl said...

I prefer "the wave" whenever possible. I'm still at that point where I find the rejection positively crippling, which doesn't make for much productivity.

Faith Van Horne said...

Rejections are so hard. That's why I like to have more than one piece out at a time, if I'm able. That way I can say, "Well, I still haven't heard back about x yet." And I can send out the rejected piece again before I get that response.