Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Nanowrimo approacheth

For all of you of a writing bent, Nanowrimo starts in just five days. If you don't know about Nano, hang around and learn how you, yes you, can become a real honest-to-gosh writer.

Every year during the month of November, thousands of souls worldwide attempt to write a novel in a month. Granted, the term "novel" is used loosely; you must produce a work of fiction 50,000 words in length. What about structure, developing characters, etc.? Well, Nanowrimo's motto is "No plot, no problem!" The idea is, through the journey of putting words on paper (or computer), a story will come up out of the jumble.

I have a special affection for Nano, since the book I'm now finishing started life as a Nano project last year. With sheepishness, I admit I did not finish that draft. I actually tossed it after about 20,000 words, disgusted. I wandered, working on other projects, letting my novel idea gather dust. However, I started over and did finish what became the first draft of Slideways. Now I'm pushing on to the end.

Per the rules, I can't compete in Nano this year. All draft writing must be done only during the month of November. You can plot, brainstorm, and do as many character sketches as you want before then, but you cannot set down Chapter One until November 1st at midnight. So, while I won't be an official entrant, my goal is to complete my second draft on November 30th. I will be celebrate alongside my Nano friends, but not directly with them.

Feel motivated to try your hand at a novel creation? Pop on over to Nanowrimo and give it a go.

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